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Jennifer Lopez VS Anaconda Now and Then

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Gordo: setting the bar impossibly high for men since 2000

It’s all my fault ;
                they thought i was a monster..


"It was in the fall when I realized the world I had known was forever doomed. I knew I was about to enter the gates of hell, but like the inescapable pull of gravity, there was nothing I could do about it."

American Horror Story: Freak Show


Killian & Charming being impressed and turned on by their badass ladies


m o n s t e r s among us

i can not contain myself!!!


The Glasswinged Butterfly. 

The pretty creature, who is a native of Mexico and South America, does not lack the tissues that make up a full wing, but rather the coloured scales that other butterflies have.

"You know, when someone robs me with my own fucking gun, they’re not my friend. I’m kinda funny like that.”